Remote Training Solutions

There are times when a traditional live ‘classroom’ course is not the right option

Remote Training allows you and your colleagues to join a live training course from your office, home or in fact anywhere in the world (dependent on time zone).

Please note these are NOT training videos or pre-recorded  classes, they are live courses and provide all the benefits of attending the physical course, enabling questions to the trainer and genuinely taking part in the course. You participate using video conferencing technology, similar to joining a Skype call. A remote class option is available for most of our courses and do need to be booked 4+ weeks prior to the event date.

The cost is lower than attending a physical course send several attendees from an organisation can attend at once, a cost effective solution saving time and budget. Please contact our training sales team or fill out the enquiry form below, we are confident we can find a solution to meet your needs.

Remote Training Options Include:

  • Masterclasses
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Best Practice Training
  • Introduction to consideration symmetry


remote Training Solutions

EngageTrain provides remote training solutions for most training courses and workshops built for directors, managers, supervisors and front line professionals.