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Providing customer service over social channels is different. It’s a spectator sport. Organisations have to consider the digital footprint left by each interaction. Not just for that customer but for all who subsequently see it. Has trust in the brand increased or been diminished as a result? This matters whether it’s a simple enquiry or escalated complaint.

Traditional customer service has not faced this level of public scrutiny. The impact of either great or poor experiences remains at individual level. It is much harder for other customers, would be customers, press or even competitors to witness a brand’s true service ethic in action.

This is why a completely different approach to understanding customer intent and crafting emotionally resonant responses is needed for social customer service. It requires the highest level of communication skills if the downsides of public engagement are to be minimised and the rate of positive outcomes increased. This one day course provides a framework of best practices to maximise low effort, rapid enquiry resolution. It also provides a set of diagnostic techniques to fully recreate the customer situation, emotional state and priority expectations. With ongoing practice, social customer teams become extraordinary brand ambassadors as they evolve to new levels of interpersonal communication.


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Why attend

  • I need to set up social customer service duties in a new team
  • I need to challenge and refresh my existing team’s capability
  • I need an effective solution for complaint handling on social
  • I want higher customer sat, NPS and tangible advocacy
  • I want to drive more revenue from social customer service excellence
  • I want market recognition we are a leading digital brand

Course Details

  • Latest research on UK social customer behaviour
  • Understanding the dynamics of world class social customer service
  • How to manage your digital footprint
  • Learning how to critique real social customer service interactions
  • Introduction to the best practice framework and diagnostic technique
  • Team based exercises to learn how to use them
  • Research based best practices that drive better outcomes
  • How to create an ongoing programme of skills development

Learning Experiences

  • A mix of presentations, group debate and team based exercises
  • All training material available in original format for reference and internal educational use

Optional mentoring after the training to help strategise on the support strategies for effective social engagement such as alignment with functional strategies, engagement infrastructure, playbook development, voice of the social customer, service improvement frameworks, cross functional collaboration, escalation and crisis management.

Who Attends

Directors or Heads of Customer Service, Customer Experience or Operations and Senior Managers  who recognise the need to improve their current ability to satisfy customer expectations for channel and device choice when engaging in service tasks

About the Trainer

Martin Hill-Wilson, an independent consultant with a long-standing track record in customer engagement strategy and implementation. Martin was involved in the very first wave of contact centre implementation during the 1980’s with the Merchants Group, one of the first BPOs. He ended up as CEO. He is a well known international keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, strategist and facilitator, and chair for contact centre and customer engagement conferences. He is also a global authority on social customer service and co-author of ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service’. Martin enjoys stimulating people to see their worlds anew, then help them develop a better mousetrap. Over a career that has included CEO, trainer, consultant, strategist and facilitator, Martin has maintained his interest in the customer agenda.

Previous course feedback

“Increased my knowledge and awareness in this subject hugely. Actual cases where IA has been successfully implemented were really useful, particularly around ROI.” Ireen Lock, Head of Site/Operations Manager, The AA
“Always great workshops with Martin. Thought provoking theory that actually translates to practical models for improvement.” Leon Shouksmith, Marketing Account Manager at GM Financial
“Thanks for yesterday. The team enjoyed the training and learnt a lot.” Bian Salins, Head of Social - Digital at TSB

Course features


1 day (8 hours)


Book 4+ weeks in advance

Course Venue:

Onsite or venue of choice


POA (Early bird pricing and group discounts available)

Led By:

Martin Hill-Wilson

Group Size:

8-15 places



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