EngageTrain provides inspirational and highly productive masterclasses, training courses and workshops built for directors, managers, supervisors and front line professionals. Our customer focused sessions are all designed to help you plan, build and implement Customer and Employee Engagement strategies and best practice from brief to delivery.

EngageTrain is part of the Engage Customer. Since 2009 Engage Customer has been helping its global community of over 48,000 leaders in the customer space. Our mantra is that organisations need to be where their customers are. They need to cut across their own internal silos, take a more holistic view of their customers, both internal and external, and deliver a consistent and appropriate service across all channels, offline, online, social and mobile.

Engage Customer provides its community with a series of hugely successful and recognised Conferences, Directors Forums, Leadership Roundtable Focus Groups and the must attend annual Customer Engagement Summit and Engage Awards. These face‐to‐face activities are supported by our dynamic websites EngageCustomer.com and EngageEmployee.com, weekly newsletter alerts, ground breaking Webinars and Digital Marketing opportunities.

Overview - Training Course


Inspirational and highly productive courses to help you plan, build and implement Customer Engagement strategies from brief to delivery. Masterclass slides are provided to help you retell the stories of the day as part of consensus building with colleagues as your first task after the masterclass.

We are committed to delivering the very best in training, coaching and people development, working with industry recognised and highly skilled facilitators and consultants. Like you, we want to know that what we do makes a difference.

Leadership Workshops

As a leader it is vital you know your own values and style so that you can remain consistent and authentic in the face of challenges and setbacks. Utilising selfawareness and emotional intelligence you will be able to uphold a professional approach in all situations. When your teams know what to expect from you (and what not to expect from you) the culture of your team will be clear and positive.

You will be better able to have open and honest two way conversations, manage the expectations of your team and manage individual performance, for the benefit of everyone and your organisation.

Best Practice Agent Training

Providing customer service over social channels is different. It’s a spectator sport. Organisations have to consider the digital footprint left by each interaction. Not just for that customer but for all who subsequently see it. Has trust in the brand increased or been diminished as a result? This matters whether it’s a simple enquiry or escalated complaint. This highly practical course is suitable for:

  • Advisors
  • Team leaders
  • Site managers
  • Community managers
  • Social marketers
  • Internal communication manager
  • PR managers and internal trainers


Crossing User experience, Customer experience and Employee experience – A set of learning games for greater performance in your organisation. For companies willing to develop their service performance, making the link between customer engagement and employee engagement is common sense: it boosts loyalty, sales, market share and consistently reduces employee turnover. This link is called Consideration Symmetry. It consists in paying as much attention to your employees as your customers.

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In-House Training

If you would like a team involved or you would prefer the training courses to be delivered in-house or your chosen location we can work with you to enhance your organisation’s performance through in-house training and consulting.

Tailored to meet your business’s particular objectives, and delivered through exceptional experienced industry recognised trainers and consultants, ensuring immediate results and focusing on your own specific issues.

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